Gregynog is a historic house with Grade 1 listed gardens set in the heart of rural Montgomeryshire. One of Wales’ premier country estates, and the former home of art collectors and public benefactors Gwendoline and Margaret Davies, it offers a welcoming setting in which people of all ages and abilities may discover, experience, participate in, and be inspired by the arts and natural environment.

It is one of Wales’s most unexpected hidden treasures, whose name has echoed down the years since the first elusive references to it by the 12th century poets of the Welsh princes.

Surviving into the twenty-first century, however, presents different challenges from those presented by the nineteenth or even the twentieth century. The age of the poets, the age of the Tudors, the age of the Squires, the age of the Victorian entrepreneurs, the age of the benevolent Davies sisters, the Ladies of Gregynog, are all long gone. Now, the age of the University, which began in 1960 when Margaret Davies bequeathed Gregynog to the University of Wales as an inter-collegiate conference centre, is about  to undergo fundamental change which we hope will lead to a new and optimistic age of sustainability, accessibility and creativity which will ensure Gregynog’s survival as the beating heart of mid Wales.

Gregynog will become an independent charitable trust. This decision by the University of Wales Council will open up exciting new opportunities for the hall and estate and will safeguard Gregynog for the nation. For the first time, Gregynog will have access to potential funding from sources such as the Heritage Lottery Fund, which will extend its cultural and environmental remit.

Gregynog is many things to many people. There is a strong sense of ownership of Gregynog amongst the local population, then there are those from the academic world, from students to professors emeritus, who treasure the experience of studying and teaching here and often return year after year. Also the book collectors who love the Gregynog Press. Then there are the musicians who rejoice in the opportunity to perform at Gregynog and the audiences who listen to them.

Most importantly, there is increasing awareness of the environmental importance of ancient estate lands such as those at Gregynog, and we take our responsibilities here very seriously. The importance of such lands and the survival of the traditional skills used in their husbandry is increasingly recognised as essential to the maintenance of environmental diversity in the face of shrinking habitats. In March 2013 the 750 acre Gregynog estate was declared a National Nature Reserve, not only to protect the ancient oaks and the rare lichens that grow on them but to ensure that the many other undisturbed habitats are conserved…

The creation of the Gregynog Trust will open up many exciting new opportunities for regenerating the hall and estate, many new developments, all to be harnessed in the creation of an inclusive identity which will have a crucially important part to play in the future of a sustainable Wales.

Our vision will be to;

To act as a learning and educational centre, emphasising the arts, whilst respecting the history of the house, its inhabitants, the landscape and the environment, through courses, events, conferences and distance learning for people of all ages and abilities.

Our Customer Service Promise

‘We aim to provide an efficient and courteous booking service and check-in procedure, clean, comfortable and well serviced bedrooms, well equipped meeting rooms and a good choice of high quality and value for money food and drink served on time by efficient and courteous staff; all in relaxing, comfortable, well-maintained and friendly surroundings, in an environmentally sensitive way with an eye to our wider community responsibilities’.